More about Salsa Mississippi


The Jackson Free press featured this article about Salsa Mississippi.


“Salsa—or salsaaaaa as it should be said (and loudly, too)—means “sauce” in Spanish. The word has become associated with a style of music and dance with a racy uptempo and a sexy, spicy attitude. Cuban in origin, but culturally adaptable, the salsa dance movement started simmering in the United States in the 1950s and got really hot by the mid-1970s.”


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Hilights from 2010!


These are some of our favorite shots from 2010. Dancers and friends alike at a myriad of events.  Enjoy!



Rooftop parties


We loved dancing in the Fondren corner building, whether it was on the roof or in the lobby. Check out these great pics from our parties in 2009!


Dancing with the Mississippi Stars!


Sarah and her dancing partner Othor won best couple at the benefit “Dancing with the Stars” at Old Capitol Inn. Go Sarah!


Not long afterward, members of the performance team did a fantastic job at a benefit for Community Place.