Long Beach Party – August 2012

Zippity Doo Dah 2012

We had a great time dancing in the street during Fondren’s Zippity Doo Dah weekend in March 2012.

Dance to Lose Weight


WAPT in Jackson included Salsa Mississippi in a special on dance and fitness in the state.


“The smooth moves of the dancers at the Salsa Mississippi Dance Studio in Fondren may look easy, but dancers said that a salsa workout is better than the gym.


“‘It works your legs, your arms, places you didn’t even know it would work,’ dancer Joe Spencer said.


“’When you dance with a partner, you are constantly moving. You are sweating. Your heart rate is racing and you are having fun,’ instructor Sujan Ghimire said.”


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Meet Sarah and Sujan


“After moving to Mississippi, Sarah and Sujan were surprised to find they could make a living off of their hobby – dancing. Although the dance community in Jackson was limited, Sarah and Sujan opened a successful dance studio called Salsa Mississippi, and they’ve built a home surrounded by a community of friends and dancers.”


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