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Saturday Dance Party 10pm – 2am

Saturday Night Social Dancing Etiquette

Admission: $10
Students and Veterans MUST bring ID for $5 discount
  • DO NOT…Blame each other, 80% of the time it’s the lead’s fault, 20% it’s the follow’s, no one is right 100% of the time
  • DO NOT…Refuse to dance with someone who asks you for the first time (If you turn someone down for a dance you must not dance with anyone for that song)
  • DO NOT…be rough! (this is for GENTLEmen in particular) be respectful of your partner and do not toss her around, if you are rough and she fears being hurt, she is entitled to walk away from your dance
  • DO NOT…Give lessons to your partner while social dancing (unless your partner is ok with it) you’re there to enjoy the music, not take a class
  • DO NOT…Dance numerous songs with the same person in a row, everyone should get a chance to dance with everyone else
  • DO…Dance with as many people as possible, it’s SOCIAL dancing
  • DO…Stay in your dancing slot and control your partner, dancing can be dangerous if you start crashing into each other
  • DO…Ask people to dance (it is socially acceptable for both men AND women to ask, we love it when you do!)
  • DO…SMILE, even if you make a mistake, or your partner messes up
  • DO…Tell people if you’re a beginner or learning, we all had to start somewhere and it helps to let people know
  • DO…Be patient with each other, dancing is a relationship and it takes time to understand each other

July Newsletter 2015



  • Our Dance team has just finished our 2nd month of practice of our first season and we’re going to get started with our choreography, it’s not too late to join if you’re still interested.
  • We have a fun filled weekend planned on July 11th and 12th with a guest instructor!

Here’s what we have been busy with in the past month. 

  • Dance Team: We’ve covered most of our curriculum of footwork and we’re starting to get a little more into partner work, it’s not enough to know the pattern, our main focus now is on drilling until it become second nature so you can use your moves on Saturdays
  • Why not stop by to watch us at our practices on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, 8-10pm. If what you see interests you please join our dance team!
  • Dance Team Scholarships: For those interested but not able to afford the monthly membership fee of our dance team, the studio has partial scholarship opportunities for committed team members. Please send us an e-mail and we can work something out!

Here’s what we have for you in the month of July 2015:

  • Carlos Colón Workshop: July 11th, a guest instructor from Atlanta is with us. He’ll do a workshop on On2Salsa and Bahata!
  • BBQ with Carlos: on July 12! A casual get together on Sunday, July 12th from 1-4:00pm. The BBQ will be in the Salsa Mississippi Studio Parking lot. We’ll bring the main course, please bring your own sides to share!

Want to know a little more about Carlos Colón?

Carlos learned to dance in El Paso, Texas where he studied music as an Alto Saxophone Music Performance major. He’s been dancing for 10 years and is now based in Huntsville, Alabama. He is an instructor in Edie the Salsa Freak’s Black Belt Salsa system and performs with Clave y Tumbao, a Los Angeles based dance company. Its directed by Javier Campines and Erica Reyna.

For more interesting stuff on Carlos, please click on the link below:

Rhino Charity – Saturday, July 116:30pm to 10pm.

  • Salsa Mississippi is supporting the Rhino Charity with The Jackson Chapter of The American Association of Zoo Keepers is hosting a Pub Crawl event in the Fondren area.
  • During the event guests will ride the Fondren Express Trolley and get to visit Fondren Public, Sal & Mookie’s, The Pig & Pint, and Fenian’s Pub. They will also receive special drink deals! All guests will be wearing special event t-shirts.
  • Salsa Mississippi will provide the dance floor outside The Pig & Pint for your dancing comfort.

Hoping to see you soon!

Have a great July!

From all of us at Salsa Mississippi

Salsa Mississippi Dance Team

Salsa Mississippi Dance Team is in full swing at the studio.

Dance Team Introduction Letter


The team is taught in the style of Salsa On2 also known as Mambo. The major difference is that we dance to the percussion as opposed to the melody of the music. In addition to understanding music we are focusing a lot on building up technique on footwork and partner work to give a good foundation to our dancers to improve in the future.

Team Practices are every Tue/Wed from 8-10pm, please see our Calendar for a full list of events

Cost for a drop in to the practice session is $20.

Recommended footwear: some type of shoe with a non-tread sole, jazz shoes and dancing heels  with sueded bottoms are preferred

If you would like to know more about joining the team, for more information, please contact us. No experience is necessary!