September Newsletter 2015



This past month, our dance team has taken a break, although we continue to practice our drills. Do stay tuned for more information about our dance team’s progress and activities!

Past Events

Sujan Ghimire Salsa Class August 26th – Sujan and Sarah Ghimire returned to Jackson from Kathmandu for a brief visit. Sujan taught a very special salsa class. It was a fantastic evening for all and after the class we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant El Charo!

Dancing With The Stars August 21st, instructors from Salsa Mississippi, along with Applause Dance Factory and Second Floor Dance Factory teamed up with local Jackson celebrities to show off their best moves…and for a great cause too! The Mississippi Opera Guild at the Country Club of Jackson hosted this event. Our very own Shawntel McQuarter and local celebrity John-Christopher Adams did a fantastic job! John-Christopher Adams walked away with 2 trophies “best male dance” and “Most Funds Raised”!

Sergio Zelada Workshop August 8th, the talented Sergio Zelada (from New Orleans) came to Salsa Mississippi to teach a fun workshop on Kizomba and Bachata! Participants learned the basic principles of Kizomba, and new techniques for Bachata.


BIG NEWS! Beginning September 14th through October 19th, Dr. Igor Iwanek (an accomplished music composer who was also an “Affiliated artist at MIT”) will teach ‘ThinkSalsaMusic’ a 6-class, 6-week series (Mondays 7:30 – 8:30pm) on footwork, spins, musicality and drills. You absolutely don’t want to miss these highly informative classes. Time will be devoted to fine tuning motions till they are in perfect unison with the music! For more information, visit Salsa Mississippi TODAY!

Yoga Workshop September 26th, from 9 a.m to 11 a.m, our resident yoga instructor, Hamilton, will host a yoga workshop! He will cover Surya Namaskar and basic strength asana, plus Yama and Niyama, the yoga of self-ownership, along with vegan and traditional Indian food! This is going to be a very unique event – you’re going to want to be there! For more information, visit Salsa Mississippi TODAY!

ALSO! Don’t forget to come down to the Fondren District for Fondren’s First Thursday on September 3rd! Salsa Mississippi will be out on Duling Avenue with the dance floor set up (5-9pm). We invite everyone to come out and shake their groove thing with us! Please join us this month to dance the night away with a guest DJ spinning the hottest music.

Sergio Workshop Aug 8th

Sergio Zelaya is the Director of Basso Movimiento in New Orleans. He has over 16 years of dance experience and has been teaching for 8 years! During the past two years Sergio is building the Salsa community in New Orleans

Sergio Workshop Aug 8th

August Newsletter 2015



Dance Team:  We have made tremendous progress with our dance team.  This past month our focus was on dance choreography.  All the team members are excited and ready to show off their newly acquired On2 dance moves. Salsa Mississippi would like to thank Fred for his outstanding coaching and also for creating our first On2 Dance Team!! Even though this dance team season has ended, please be on the look out for additional information about our next season!

Past Events

Carlos Colon workshop July 11th – The workshop was fantastic and we had so much fun.  Carlos is a wonderful teacher and the workshop was extremely beneficial.  He simplified advanced patterns and combinations in a dance friendly manner.  For those who missed out the opportunity to participate, not to worry! He will be back soon!!

Barbecue July 12th – We continued our fun and enjoyment by cooking hamburgers in the studio parking lot. Our patrons also helped us clean and wash the portable dance floor in the sweltering heat! Thank you, all!

Rhino Charity Event July 11th – The charity event was a great success!  Salsa Mississippi held a mini class at Pig & Pint for the participants.

Upcoming Events

New Orleans Workshop with Sergio – August 8th

Sergio Zelaya from New Orleans will be conducting a workshop on August 8th at Salsa Mississippi.  The workshop will feature two hours of Kizomba and one hour of Salsa. The timings and details of the workshop will be announced soon.

Dancing with the Stars – August 21st

The Mississippi Opera Guild presents its 5th Annual DANCE WITH THE STARS. Instructors from Salsa Mississippi, Applause Dance Factory and Second Floor Dance Factory will pair up with local celebrities to dance the night away for the Opera fundraiser at the Country Club of Jackson.

For more information or to purchase tickets to DANCE WITH THE STARS, please call

601-960-2300 or write to

Fondren First Thursday – August 6th

Fondren First Thursday is back! Come join us out on the street!